A backyard to chomp on

by ani castillo




When we left Toronto to live in this little town, our master plan sounded something like this: “Let’s leave Toronto and live in a little town!”

I didn’t need any extra details, it sounded awesome enough to me!

But something we knew we wanted to do for sure was have a vegetable garden. We grew big fat zucchinis and gigantic basil plants in tiny containers in our apartment in Toronto so we knew this could happen way more easily in the country side.

In our first year Justin just dug a dirt patch and I threw some random seeds in random locations expecting a magnificent garden to grow, keep us fed and eliminate the need to visit the grocery store forever.

* Cultural Note: There is a movie called “The Secret Garden”. There is that scene where the girl tosses mixed flower seeds all over a dead and dark patch of dirt and and the result is a magnificent flower garden, so maybe I was a little influenced by that idea. *

But oh!, the result was just a bunch of tangled pumpkin plants that killed the rest of the healthy plants that had survived the proximity of a couple thousand of weeds –  I didn’t even realize this and they asphyxiated each other. Then my zuccini plant succumbed to what it seemed like a disease. My theory is that an ugly worm I saw one day chewed on the roots. Now every time I see one of those worms I feel all violent inside!

Last year we tried to grow more specific plans (I just noticed a pattern, our planning skills seem to be getting better!) and we managed to harvest all the vegetables we needed for 5 or 6 months. The night Elodie was born, we ate some sweet potato, navy beans and our last batch of brussel sprouts from the garden.

I read a lot of books about gardening but I still find it hard to digest, so much information!  But we’ll try to grow our veggies again this year.

What you see in the picture above are our collard green babies.  The kale is coming and I just saw a zucchini plant being born today, I’m getting excited about this year’s growing season!