Sweet potato from the sky

by ani castillo

I had a dream last night about an enormous explosion in the sky. Something big happened, like the sun crashed with the moon and there was this awful super loud sound that made us all crazy terrified. I remember the sensation of my chest burning with that feeling of deadly danger.

Then from the sky they fell some huge chunks of sweet potato.

They fell on everyone’s roof. Big pieces of warm sweet potato, all nice and roasted from their contact with the sun.

We all ate it pretty happily and had some relieved nervous laughs. When we couldn’t eat more we brought some home to put in the fridge, relaxed a bit and were so glad that the explosion in the sky wasn’t “something more serious”

We’ve lived without a TV for the past 5 years, I don’t read the newspaper. I wonder where those worries about the end of the world keep coming from.