A Wolf and a Friend

by ani castillo





I always thought that you get to the age when you understand what’s important in life (things like: people, nature, love, experiences and relationships)

I assumed we all get to the same conclusions because, wouldn’t that be so easy and wonderful? we would all become such good friends, all of us, members of the human specie…

But I think I got to the age when I finally understood that we are all walking very different paths, and that maybe if I get very lucky, I’ll find a couple people whose paths intersect with mine at points significant enough that we can form an important connection. I also learned that some paths just aren’t meant to intersect, and that’s not as terrible as it may have seemed when I was in middle school!

I had my birthday last week and this time I  feel like a different person, like if I just began appreciating life and all its contents. Like if I just began appreciating MY life.

I’ve always been so scared of getting old, but I absolutely take pleasure in those bits of serenity and wisdom I feel now in my ripe old age haha