Amigo Mollete

by ani castillo



5 years ago when I came to live up North, many people were still thinking that Taco Bell was real Mexican food. (It’s not!)

But happily, things have changed so much since then. Now every time I read a cooking book or magazine, there is at least a couple recipes based in authentic Mexican dishes and ingredients. They talk about mole and chipotle and tomatillos and tamales and pozole and enchiladas. It is very exciting for me because that is making Mexican ingredients way more available for those times when I feel like having a little taste of my homeland. It’s also making people’s minds more open and adventurous to try what I think is THE BEST FOOD IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!! * I know some folks are weirded out by it *

I thought I would share one of those “beginner” recipes we make when we are young and learning to cook in Mexico, they are called Molletes. They are simple and so very delicious (and vegetarian too! in case you, dear anonymous reader, care for such thing). We don’t use a lot of measurements over there, whatever tastes good is the right amount! haha.

There is a secret in the making of the Salsa my mom taught me that will impress your friends: When you chop the onion,  cover it with lime juice and a little bit of salt, it gets kind of pickled after an hour or so!. Once it has lost that harsh bite, it’s ready to be mixed with the rest of the salsa ingredients.





Then you just have to butter some slices of bread (I think any crusty bread will work, I’ve used mostly halved pieces of whole wheat baguette), spread a layer of refried or mashed beans and cover them with cheese. Bake them in the oven until the cheese melts, the beans get hot and the bread gets nice and crunchy. After that you take them out and each person can put some salsa on their mollete. Es usted increiblemente delicioso, Amigo Mollete.