Ani + Joe

by ani castillo



Last year I did some months worth of work for Joe Fresh doing illustration for pijama sets (For toddler girl! Couldn’t be more perfect since I can see my own little girls wearing my creations!)

I can honestly say it was one of my favorite experiences so far as a freelance illustrator. I worked with such a sweet and professional group of people, I had lots of fun and got to learn so much from them.

The collections of clothing have to be done many months in advance so the designs I made last year have been released month after month up until now. Every time I went to the store they had released another handful of the designs I made and I would get so excited to finally see them! I get butterflies in my belly every time I stumble upon a little girl in a photo on flickr or facebook wearing one of them (like this one or this one)


These two are some of my favorites:






And this one is still available at the stores and it’s the last design I submitted, I feel like it’s the end of an era!



Before doing this work for Joe Fresh I didn’t even know how to use Adobe Illustrator hehe, I found it as abstract and complicated as trying to fly a plane, but I’m convinced we can learn super fast when we’re excited about a project!

This Textile Design thing ignited a passion inside me I didn’t know I had, it’s so fun and awesome… Ah! The possibilities!!