imaginary somewhere

imaginary somewhere

by ani castillo

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I want to feel good things

        It’s been around a year since I started doing my cartoon, Imaginary Friend. At the moment, I consider it to be my little baby,  my art project and my way of expressing a handful of the never ending stream of thoughts that go through my head. My way of sharing some […]

Cancion del momento: Wicked Games cover by Pipilotti Rist

      I love Pipilotti Rist *_* (I even met her in person in Guadalajara!, I was so happy)    

Pupa y Lavinia #381


Paul Oceans

I was 18, had abandoned art school and started a new university program where I felt a little bit out of my element. Then I met this guy, his name was Paul Oceans. He wasn’t in my class, he was a couple semesters ahead of me (mature! experienced!) He was completely bald and had the […]

A hypothetical darker past

I just painted my fingernails black…   I listen to the Cure now, it HAD  to be done.     I’ve been wondering how my life would have been if I became one of those goth kids I saw hanging out outside of old buildings in Guadalajara. Maybe I would have made a good one! […]

Dissintegrating and stuff

        I grew up listening to Mexican pop music. I LOVED it. I sang it and enjoyed and lived it and shared it with everyone in my beloved hometown. My memories are all bright and happy when I remember singing cumbias with my dad, Molotov  with my brothers and Jose Jose with […]

Pupa & Lavinia #376 (to be published next friday)


Pupa & Lavinia #374 (Published in January, 2013)

Pupa & Lavinia #360 (Published in October, 2012)


Canción del momento, Bennington by John Maus

      OH CAUTION for the squirmish, He swears a little.   * But it’s romantic swearing aaaaaawwww *  

Pupa & Lavinia #354 (Published on august 2012)


Sweet potato from the sky

I had a dream last night about an enormous explosion in the sky. Something big happened, like the sun crashed with the moon and there was this awful super loud sound that made us all crazy terrified. I remember the sensation of my chest burning with that feeling of deadly danger. Then from the sky […]

A Wolf and a Friend

        I always thought that you get to the age when you understand what’s important in life (things like: people, nature, love, experiences and relationships) I assumed we all get to the same conclusions because, wouldn’t that be so easy and wonderful? we would all become such good friends, all of us, […]

That kind of loneliness

      Sometimes I’m convinced that all of us humans share certain kind of perpetual loneliness. The kind that stays inside even when we are in the middle of a crowd. The kind that never goes away, despite receiving copious doses of love, company or admiration. The one that follows us to every corner […]

Gardening outfit

Sometimes I have the feeling that this gardening thing is reserved for the toughest among us…

Ani + Joe

    Last year I did some months worth of work for Joe Fresh doing illustration for pijama sets (For toddler girl! Couldn’t be more perfect since I can see my own little girls wearing my creations!) I can honestly say it was one of my favorite experiences so far as a freelance illustrator. I […]

Pupa & Lavinia #292 (Published in 2011)


Potentially a Tree

One day I was watching one of those blind dating reality shows and I thought… if I was one of those girls, I would ask the guy what did he think about trees? If he loved them, I would start liking him a little… If he showed any lukewarm feelings about them I would probably […]

Amigo Mollete

    5 years ago when I came to live up North, many people were still thinking that Taco Bell was real Mexican food. (It’s not!) But happily, things have changed so much since then. Now every time I read a cooking book or magazine, there is at least a couple recipes based in authentic […]