imaginary somewhere

imaginary somewhere

by ani castillo

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I was feeling like drawing lashes…


Teenage Angst VS Young Adult Angst

    I was a kid when I found out about Nirvana. Kurt Cobain was already dead and his death seemed so mysterious and glamorous to me. I remember how I fantasized about my own death and how everyone was going to be so very heartbroken. All those kids that didn’t treat me well at […]



A backyard to chomp on

      When we left Toronto to live in this little town, our master plan sounded something like this: “Let’s leave Toronto and live in a little town!” I didn’t need any extra details, it sounded awesome enough to me! But something we knew we wanted to do for sure was have a vegetable […]

With Photoshop Without Photoshop

Some days ago I gave Umi her first Photoshop class. More than anything I was concerned about the pictures in advertising and magazines showing people with their perfectly airbrushed faces. I wanted to show her how they cannot be real and how one can easily manufacture the Photoshop “look” in pictures of one’s self. As […]



Pupa & Lavinia #331

I thought I could translate some of the cartoons I’ve made for the newspaper I work for…   Maybe just from time to time ^_^                      

Imaginary Somewhere

          Starts now.