Potentially a Tree

by ani castillo

One day I was watching one of those blind dating reality shows and I thought… if I was one of those girls, I would ask the guy what did he think about trees? If he loved them, I would start liking him a little… If he showed any lukewarm feelings about them I would probably kick him and throw a glass of wine on his face and run out of the fancy restaurant (and no, he wouldn’t be allowed to a second date with me… the nerve!). I feel such a passion for trees, for many years I’ve been proclaiming them my favorite thing in the world. They are just so full of goodness and sweetness. They do nothing but give and protect us. They also happen to be so incredibly beautiful.

When I was little I thought I was so special for feeling this way, but as the world changes I find that a lot of people have those thoughts about trees and nature. My theory is that those kind of feelings weren’t nurtured or even validated at some point in this civilization, but all our ancestors had such a good rapport with the natural world, they used it like medicine and they called it mother and treated it like a friend, not just a source of money or a pesky enemy to progress…

Every year around this time, some trees release lots of  little seeds all over the place. There are gazillions of them!


Eventually a bunch of them sprout everywhere they can, on people’s garden’s, on the sidewalks, inside little planters…

There are so many of them that they have to be weeded out, the poor guys. They are so delicate too, once I tried to re-plant a handful of them that I found on the sidewalk and they just died on me… I found it so strange, there are some weeds that nobody likes that are way more resilient than that!

But if we left those little and numerous seedlings grow up, they would all turn into something like this:


And somehow this process makes me so happy inside. I get the feeling that once we leave nature follow it’s course it’s really gonna heal itself from all the crap we’ve put it through.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll live enough to see nature’s renaissance. But even if I don’t, I’m happy for you nature, good for you! And remember that lots of us love you with a passion!!